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Barclays Bank Mozambique SA, is a member of the PLC Barclays Group, which in 2005 got possession of the Barclays Africa Group Limited, with 56,6% of the shares.

As a Financial Institution, Barclays has a history of over 300 years of Banking experience in the United Kingdom and, about 100 years in Africa, helping people and local markets to develop throughout the world.

Barclays Bank, is present in more than 50 countries worldwide, with relevant presence in 13 African countries, including Mozambique.


Barclays Bank Mozambique

Currently, Barclays Bank Mozambique employs about 900 workers and provides services to approximately 408.419 customers throughout the country, through a network of over 92 ATM’s and 43 Agencies, as well as POS machines, distributed across the country.

In its different segments, Barclays operates with particular emphasis and focus on the following areas of interest:

-Retail Banking (Affluent)

-Corporate Portfolio

-Investment Banking

Currently, Barclays Bank Mozambique is a Financial Institution of great prestige in the country, which offers to the market, not only the products and services tailored to its customer’s needs, but also a great deal of experience and knowledge with the international standards in the financial area.

The combination of the global heritage and the innovative spirit of Barclays, with the specialized knowledge of the African Financial market, make Barclays Bank Mozambique the unique Bank in regards to offering the best solutions for its customers.

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