As a way of inspiring your support towards the affected families from the Idai Cyclone, we will contribute 10% of all your monetary donations*, which will be channelled through to humanitarian aid institutions aimed at helping the centre of the country.

Send us your donations to the following accounts:

MZN 0041106001085 NIB 000200414110600108568

USD 0041146000888 NIB 000200414114600088838

ZAR 0041188000114 NIB 000200414118800011425

Additionally, everytime you swipe on a Barclays POS, you will be actively contributing to the cause.

For each payment, Barclays will contribute 5,00 MT to a support fund, with no additional costs to you.

For more information, contact our Customer Service Line through 1223 or 21 344 400.

*The 10% contribution is subject to a limit established by the bank