Let's help you find a suitable solution to service your business borrowing needs.

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Service excellence

Our business specialists will tailor a loan to your exact requirements.

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Loan options

Whatever your business needs to borrow for – we can help.

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Plan ahead with fixed interest rates on our Term Loans

Short, medium and long-term loans to suit your business needs.

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Flexible business loans

Term loans in Mozambican Metical or major foreign currencies.

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Personalised terms

Structure your repayments to streamline your business’ cash flow.

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Fixed or variable interest rates

Set the interest rate according to what your business needs.

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Agricultural Finance aimed at growing emerging markets

We provide finance suited to all participants in the agricultural value chain.

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Specialist service

Benefit from our in-depth finance knowledge for the agricultural sector.

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Custom solutions

Tailor-made financing to meet all your business requirements.

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Grow your business fleet with Commercial Asset Finance

We offer a comprehensive range of business vehicle and equipment finance.

It’s up to you to choose the best route to finance your business assets

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Finance Lease

Barclays purchases the assets and leases them to your business on an agreed credit term with fixed repayments.

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Sale and Leaseback

Sell your business assets to Barclays and lease them back.

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What you get
  • Available in Mozambican Metical or major foreign currencies
  • Finance up to 100% of the cost price of the asset (excluding insurance and VAT)
  • Maximum term of 7 years
  • Fixed or variable interest rates
  • Financing of selected second-hand assets
  • No requirement to inscribe charge or register a lien on the asset


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What you need to know

Type of assets financed

For assets to be considered acceptable for financing through Asset Finance they must be:

  • Moveable
  • Freely transferrable in title
  • Identifiable
  • Durable
  • Easy to value and have a predictable value going forward

Acceptable asset types

  • Passenger, commercial and personal vehicles
  • Trailers
  • Forklift trucks
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Industrial equipment 
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Grow your business and our economy with an SME Loan

Get a loan, import loan, overdraft or asset finance credit facility for your SME.

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Easy access

Available to SMEs who meet government criteria.

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Current rates

Linked to the current repo rate.

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Save on fees

We waive all processing fees.

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