Our team of experts will help you source foreign currency according to your business requirements.


Our Market Solutions

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Local and global

We combine our global expertise with our extensive knowledge of the local industry.

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Dedicated service

We are focused on building and strengthening long-lasting relationships with our clients.

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Up to date

We offer the latest market data and solutions that can be tailored to your needs.

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Risk management

We help you understand and assess your exposure in order to develop appropriate strategies.

Transact internationally with ease

We have the right foreign exchange products for your international business needs.


Our Market Solutions 

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Spot contracts

For the immediate settlement of your foreign exchange transactions at an agreed rate on the spot date.

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Currency Forwards

Locks in the exchange rate for settling forex transactions on a specific future date.

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Non-deliverable Forwards

A short-term forward contract for future foreign exchange settlements that doesn’t require physical delivery of currencies at maturity.

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Forex Swaps

For simultaneous foreign exchange transactions that you intend to reverse in the short term.

BARX Trading Platform

A 24-hour forex conversion platform with access to ample liquidity and optimal execution to achieve pricing efficiency.

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Our investment options help you prosper

Speak to your Relationship Manager about our tailor-made investments that will help yield higher returns. 


Structured Products

Get up to a 100% capital guarantee, a minimum return and gain from the performance of the underlying asset.

Dual Currency Deposit

Benefit from higher returns on deposits with the probability of forex conversion at maturity.

Manage your forex risk with our hedging solutions

Our offering gives you access to competitively priced over-the-counter (OTC) and hedging solutions for current and future foreign exchange exposure.


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Foreign Exchange Derivatives

Manage your forex risk with structures such as Leveraged Forwards, Forex Choosers and Forex Collars.

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Interest Rate Derivatives

Stay on top of your interest rate risk with structures such as Interest Rate Swaps, Caps and Floors.

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Commodity Derivatives

Take control of your commodity risk with structures such as Swap, Call Options, Put Options and Commodity Collars.

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