With Barclays structured trade and commodity finance, you can enjoy bespoke short-term trade finance solutions to accommodate your working capital and balance sheet risk transfer requirements.

Types of structured trade and commodity finance
  • Selective Receivable Financing
  • Supplier Finance
  • Supply Chain Finance
How it works
  • Finance is secured by underlying assets e.g. commodities.
  • We give you self-liquidating trade finance.
  • Finance period is less than 1 year, based on your individual trading needs.
  • It’s best suited to local, regional and global commodity traders, importers, exporters and manufacturers.
What you get
  • Enjoy quicker receipt of payment for your exports
  • Make quicker payment against your imports
  • Unlock cash flow trapped in inventory
  • Reduce trade risk while increasing your liquidity
  • Build relationships and reach new business

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