Whether you have unexpected expenses, an emergency to pay for or simply need funds to cover educational expenses, a personal consumer loan can bring your plans within reach.

Our loan solutions

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Cover for your unforeseen expenses, at an interest rate you can afford.

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Get the money you need to reach your goal. Take up a loan to pay for your home renovations.

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Get more out of your loan 

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Easy access to funds

Make your dreams come true and meet your unexpected or urgent needs.

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Renovate your home

Thinking about renovating your house or buying new furniture? A personal loan can be handy.

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Drive your dream car

Thinking of buying your dream car? With Barclays leasing we can help you to own it.

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Quick approval

Hassle-free application processes and fast approval times.

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For special moments

Realise special moments, such as you’re getting hitched or travelling, with our lending solutions.

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Consolidate your debt

Combine your financial needs under a single facility with a personal loan.

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