Barclays Bank Mozambique Sponsors the first edition of Seedstars Worlds

Barclays Bank Mozambique is sponsoring the first edition of Seedstars Worlds, the world's largest competition for Startups.

"Seedstars fiorld" is the largest competition in the world, distinguishing the best business ideas from new companies or young people wishing to start a business (Pitch for Startups) in emerging countries. In Maputo will be selected the 12 of the best national Startups, with the final of the contest preceded by training and advice to young entrepreneurs, to be held on May 21 and 22, at the American cultural center.

The winner, who will meet in the national final on May 26, will represent Mozambique in the world competition, to take place in February 2016 in Switzerland, and may compete for a prize as Investment, totaling $ 1.5 million Dollars. This year, for the first time, Seedstars fiorld focuses on innovations in the finance and travel technology sectors, creating specific directions in parallel with most Seedstars fiorld projects. Seedstars is committed to solutions to regional problems and financial innovations for the global marketplace, and has partnered with Mest (Meltwater Entrepeneurial School of technology) and Microsoft to identify promising start-up companies.

UX is the ambassador of Seedstars in Mozambique and responsible for bringing the event to the country.

Barclays has joined this event as a way to support the development of new businesses and the entrepreneurship of young people and Mozambique. This project has all the bases of the new positioning of the bank, taking into account both its values ​​and the company's own social responsibility strategy, as well as its way of investing in innovation in the business sector.
The bank has been repositioning itself with a new portfolio of dedicated services and teams, which aim to support sectors of entrepreneurship, agricultural development and financial education.