As part of its activity as a socially responsible entity, Barclays Bank organized the "Barclays Bank Women's Forum" on 05 April .

Opportunely launched following the week of commemoration of Mozambican Women's Day.

The BBM Forum was hosted by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Bank, Dr. Luisa Diogo and was attended by the Chief Executive Officer of the Bank, Dr. Faisal Mkhize, as well as the presence of senior staff and colleagues from the Bank and several The media.

This initiative, which is being developed at the level of the entire Barclays group, has as its main objective to increase the influence of the Barclays collaborators to obtain better results in the organization, discussing solutions to the challenges of its positioning at Barclays level , As well as their influence on the evolutionary process of society as a whole.

Barclays recognizes and values ​​the importance of women and their contribution to the success of the business and intends with this initiative that a greater number of women at Bank level will be able to occupy top positions at the institution level, participating actively in the process of decision-making.

Through various initiatives, Fórum Mulher intends to create a highly strategic environment that enhances the career of women at Barclays, with a focus on leadership and integration.

On that occasion, the hostess of the event, Dr. Luisa Diogo gave a dissertation about her own experience, as a woman, professional and businesswoman, giving examples of how it was possible to achieve the status it currently holds and how important and powerful is the woman in the Society and can and should be an integral part of decision-making at various levels. The Bank's PCA also called on all women present to persist in reaching their personal and professional goals.

This is yet another initiative of Barclays Bank towards its goal of becoming the Go-To Bank in Mozambique and in the world. They are all invited to be part of this journey and to make it the greatest success!