Barclays Africa Group Limited (BAGL or Barclays Africa) reiterates its commitment to the operation on the African continent, where it remains very optimistic about the growth of its business and customer base.

London-based Barclays PLC, which holds 62.3% of Barclays Africa shares, said earlier this week that it remains committed to assessing its strategic options in relation to its shareholding in the BAGL and expects to update the market for a decision In the context of the communication of financial results for 2015, on 1 March.

Barclays Africa is an independent entity, which is listed on the Johannesburg stock exchange and is regulated by the South African Central Bank and is well capitalized, with a strong and constant record of profitability.

Maria Ramos, CEO of Barclays Africa Group confirms: "We continue to offer a full and integrated range of products and banking services to more than 12 million customers across the 12 countries in Africa where we represent. That you can continue to have the same kind of business relationship with us today, just as you have been doing so far. Having an independent board of directors as well as being listed on the Johannesburg stock exchange, We are deeply connected to Africa And we remain completely in control of our future. "

In 2013, Barclays Africa established itself as a leading bank in Africa, following the simultaneous purchase of 12 banks in the continent.

"By making this decision, we put the future of this organization completely in our hands," says Maria Ramos.

Barclays Africa Group Limited is the majority (and in some cases sole) shareholder of BAGL's operations in South Africa, Botswana, Ghana, Zambia, Mauritius, Seychelles, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya and Mozambique. Any announcement concerning the weight of Barclays PLC in the shareholder structure of BAGL does not impact any shareholder structure or control of these operations.

"We remain optimistic about our operation and growth in Africa, where we have a strong presence with a portfolio of assets of more than Rs 1 Trillion, we are deeply committed to the success of our continent," says Maria Ramos.