Barclays Bank Mozambique participated in the commemorations of the World Day of Savings, celebrated for the first time in Mozambique, on 31 October, together with the Bank of Mozambique and several Commercial Banks.

Barclays has launched and encouraged a number of savings-related products to its client network, an example of which is the prosperity campaign launched on 28 October which resulted from a survey conducted on the African continent about 7,000 respondents.

This survey showed that young Africans prefer to save money to study and not to purchase luxury goods.
Also in the scope of its Social Responsibility, it is implementing a great project in partnership with the National Institute of Youth (INJ) and the National Youth Agency (NYA), with a duration of three years.

This project has as main objective the financial education and intends to train about 6000 students during the project. The first phase is taking place in Maputo Province and will be extended to the rest of the country in the remaining phases.
Mozambique is the first country in Africa to benefit from this project.