Barclays Bank Mozambique launched housing loans for its premier clients, at an event attended by around 150 clients.

There was room for the presentation of theses on the economic analysis of the country, presented by the renowned economist Joaquim Dai, who argued that the country is growing steadily and that growth Of civil construction is in continuous development. He also stressed the fact that regardless of this growth, the country still faces some insufficiency in infrastructure and human capital, high interest rates and some inexperience of business. On the other hand, Manuel Veira, CEO of REC showed market trends in several locations in the country, such as Palma, Pemba, Nacala, Nampula, Tete, Matola and Maputo. Vieira said that the effort to rent and buy a home is the same, explaining the high standard of living in Mozambique.

There were exhibitors from the young house, Maputo Bay, extra properties, Deco- Assos condominium, MN real estate and to complete this session, Ronil had the opportunity to exhibit the latest model of the BMW X4, for everyone present.

Bruno Meiller, director of retail banking, had the opportunity to talk about conditions that will be applied to premier clients when they decide to buy a property, a very competitive offer in the Mozambican market.

This event took place at the Radisson Hotel in Maputo and showed the affluence and interest of the clients in the acquisition of imovéis.