Essential, with the sponsorship of Barclays Bank, carried out the "V Edition of Network Women - Smart Partnerships."

Essencial is a brand that was launched in Maputo on 29 August 2009 to provide the tools needed to create a more active, more modern woman who is better prepared for today

Essencial has been promoting events called "Network Women - Intelligent and Durable Partnerships", as a way to contribute to the feasibility of projects of relevance and reinforce its position as an entity that promotes the development of women in Mozambique and dissemination of the entrepreneurial culture in Mozambique

The event aims to create a platform for women to interact and make their products and services known in a relaxed and informal environment.

AV edition, which was partnered with Barclays Bank, was an unique opportunity for the Bank to expose its products and services, giving potential customers the opportunity to interact with their brand in a relaxed and informal environment.

We have the participation of the retail team that made a presentation of the Bank's products and services, as well as its benefits. The LG's team (Lead Generators) was also present and had the opportunity to interact with the participants of the fair and make some sales.